Band Camp

 Band Camp: Fall 2024

***July 29 - August 16***


Prior to the start of band camp we will have a parent meeting to discuss important details about band camp to include necessary items to bring, anticipated schedules, instruction information, and to answer any questions. 

Rising FRESHMAN parents and students please feel free to reach out beforehand if you need to ask questions in anticipation of this very busy and fun filled time of year. Mr. Barrett and the boosters are happy to answer your questions and to give guidance on what band entails! 

**ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS** Please make sure you all are added to the Band App. This is the main communication line between parents/guardians, Mr. Barrett and the Booster Board (besides your students). 

Students - You also need to join the Band App. If not, please make sure to get an invite from Mr. Barrett. And still  please communicate everything to your parents/guardians. :) 

What do I need?


Marching Practice Attire: 


Please shower every day. Use athletic foot spray for shoes. Bring extra toiletries, if needed. Please speak to a booster or the band director if you need additional items.

Rehearsal Supply list: 

Hat, sunglasses, hat, bug repellent, hat, sunscreen, hat, water canteen/camel pack, hat, binder, hat, sheet protectors, hat, pencil, hat …………………Did  we mention to bring a hat? 

Please reach out to Mr. Barrett with any questions.